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How To Win At Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing is one of the most exciting hobbies around. Why? Because you literally are in a race with fellow players on an actual track but with miniature cars. Don't think that having miniature cars makes it less of a race. These cars are performance cars developed by some of the most respected slot car makers in the industry. If you want to win at slot car racing use these tips for the best results.

3 Rules Of Slot Car Racing

There are three cardinal rules that you need to know and follow if you want to win at slot car racing: concentration, concentration, and concentration. Sounds easy right? Many players especially beginners tend to focus on what the other guy is doing. This leads to making mistakes. By focusing on your driving first instead of anything else you will be able to bring your “A” game to any race you enter. 90% on your driving and 10% on the other cars on the road. What you should be looking out for are no or weak traction magnets, the anticipation of passing scenarios in the turns, and avoiding passing on the outside or being passed on the inside. Try to avoid smashing into someone else's overturned car in your lane. Not only is this rude to the other player but chances are you will get knocked off too.
Be aware of the other cars so you will know when they fall off. What is the reason for this? The simple fact is you need to be able to stay in the lane at all costs. You can easily pull away from your strongest competitor when he is knocked off, even if you are not going as fast as you can.

Keep Your Car in the Slot

The number one secret to turning the most number of laps is to keep your car in the slot. Plain and simple. Overall, your driving will be a bit more conservative but staying on the track will give you better chances at winning than spending half the time off it. Pushing too hard results in poor driving decisions. Driving at the edge does not include falling off the edge of the track. Make sure to keep it in.

Keep One in Reserve

Sure you have a favorite slot car sets to race on but a wise player should always have a backup in mind. So it is in your best interest to keep 2 ready slot cars. In this way you have a backup should your first one throws a tantrum.

Choose Your Controller Carefully

In order to have a smooth driving style, you should not have to “feather” or rapidly move your fingers too much during turns. If you see yourself doing this then try another controller. Try to use different controllers for different lanes to see how it feels.

Practice Slot Car Racing

There is a reason for the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Only with true knowledge of the turns and the rolls will you know how to navigate them correctly. Face tanking your car at top speed will definitely lose your race. This will help you identify trouble spots. No matter how good you are as a driver, there are some cars that can handle better on inner lanes, some on outer lanes, and some on all lanes.

Exclusive racing secrets for slot car racing

1. Inside track, outside track, and middle track
First of all, let's understand the rules of the track. The inner lane, outer lane, and middle lane each have their own advantages.
The inner road: the inner road path short curvature small, driving distance although short, but the inner road driving speed once fast is very easy to derail, all take the inner road to grasp the speed of racing to slow.
The outer lane: the outer lane path longer curvature, the driving distance is longer, and the driving speed can be slightly faster than the middle lane and the inner lane.
Middle lane: The middle lane is the smoothest because the middle two lanes on the track will not vary greatly, so it is smoother compared to the inner and outer lanes.
The inner and outer lanes will exchange with each other on the track, so you should pay attention to the change of the track during the race to control the speed of the car.
2. Where do I start to slow down when turning?
We can't start slowing down when we get to the corner, it's too late, and we can't let go of the throttle when we get to the corner at a very fast speed, which will cause the car to stop suddenly in the turn and throw the car out.
Many beginners do not understand where to start slowing down when turning.
Start slowing down when you are ready to enter the corner. Slow down the speed of the car without releasing all the remote control throttle buttons, if all are released the car will not have the power to go through the corner. We only need to relax the remote control throttle to the position where there is still low-speed power to go through the corner. This use of racing at high speed slowed down can still have the inertia of high-speed driving through the curve, so that racing will not be so easy to derail.
3. When should I accelerate?
After the corner, the car reaches a body length of about the position and can start to accelerate so that out of the corner can be much faster than others, and may also appear drift state.
Of course, if you want to become a real track racing master, you need to practice and accumulate experience in the race, so that the car can be in your hands and drive the car as you like.

Race the Track

Race the track, not the other cars. Your mastery of the track will allow you to win the race. Try to pick out a slightly faster car and shadow it. Due to competitiveness both of you will likely try to go faster and the other guy might get rattled and make a mistake, it will make it easy for you to overtake him.
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