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RC Boat and RC Sailboat

Talking about the RC Boat, It has a broad meaning and a specific meaning.

The Broad Meaning of RC Boat includes RC Sailboat, RC Speed Boat, RC Bait Boat and RC Fishing Boat.

RC Sail Boat
RC Speed Boat
RC Bait Boat
RC Fishing Boat


Specific meaning of RC Boat

The specific meaning of RC Boat just means RC Speed Boat.

Let’s see the specific meaning of RC Boat First, the RC Speed boat. It is a kind of scale RC boat which is replica of full size yacht or called full size speed boat.

In the early age, the scale RC speed boats are gas-powered or called fuel-powered.
Gas-powered RC Boat
Now Most RC speed boats are electric-motor powered. They are easy for remote control, quieter and cleaner than the gas-power RC speed boats.
Electric Motor Powered RC Boat
In the electric RC Boat family, we also can divide them into brushed-powered RC speed boat and Brushless RC speed boat.

The brushed motor powered RC speed boat’s racing speed usually is around 20 to 25 Km/hours.
Brushed Motor Powered RC Speed Boat
The brushless motor powered RC speed boat’s racing speed can reach 60 to 80 Km/hours. They are high speed RC boats.
Brushless Motor Powered RC Speed Boat
Although these look like toys, and there are small RC boats and Big RC boats, but they are RC boats for adults, not for kids. If children would like to play, they should play under adult’s guide.

In these boats, some have the self-righting function, they are called self righting RC boat.
Self Righting RC Boat

OK, That’s all about the specific RC Boat remote control, also called RC speed boat.

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Broad meaning of RC Boat

As we mentioned above, the Broad meaning also includes RC Sailboat, RC Fishing boat and RC Bait Boat. Among these, RC Sailboat is one of the popular RC hobby category.
Unlike real Sail boat games, RC Sail boat is operated remote control or called radio control.  A RC sailboat kit is also made by precise scale size of a full size sail boat.

Play RC sail boat also can test a sail boat player’s control for the wind and wind surf. There why RC sail boat racing games are popular all over the world.

RC Sail Boat Racing

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About the RC Fishing boat and RC bait boat, we will not talk more about them. You may come to visit our website to check them.
So, that’s all about the RC boat and RC sailboat. Hope our explanation are helpful for you. And Welcome to leave a message to discuss with us.