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RC Electric Float Planes

If you have access to a lake or a wide, slow-moving river, RC seaplanes and hydroplanes can provide a more challenging and very rewarding radio-controlled flying experience. RC seaplanes: takeoff and landing
The main difference between RC seaplanes (and hydroplanes) and land-based aircraft is the amount of drag they encounter.

When taking off, RC land planes encounter very little drag as they roll down a smooth runway. But rc seaplanes encounter a lot of drag as the floating object tries to cut through the water tension.

The drag is relatively high until the speed is sufficient for the buoy to start floating on the water and for the aircraft to "plane" through the water until it lifts off. During the taxiing phase of takeoff, the drag is significantly reduced.

The same is apparently true for seaplanes. When most of the hull is in the water, there is too much drag, which is greatly reduced as the hull accelerates and eventually glides over the water.

As with land-based aircraft, RC seaplanes should take off in the wind whenever possible. If there are significant waves on the surface, you may need to take off parallel to the line of the waves, which may mean a sidewind takeoff.

The trick is to maintain more lift during the takeoff glide than when taking off from land; this keeps the nose of the aircraft up and helps prevent the buoys from getting caught in the water.
As the speed increases, you should be able to reduce the ascent elevator slightly and let the aircraft ride the wind, so to speak. Once takeoff speed is reached, allow the aircraft to gently lift off the water with a small amount of upward elevator and maintain a smooth, steady climb out of the lake.
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