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Basics to Know The Wind Direction

To start the radio-controlled yachting is easy but at Joysway we like to say also that: "to play is to learn", so here we share some really simple basics and tips of sailing, dedicated to everyone who wants to begin the fun of learning how to use the wind to "power" his sailboat - small or big - and get the most of the enjoyment on the water.



The wind powers your sails, that are the “engine” to move your sailboat: in a sailboat the force generated by the wind is harnessed into forward drive.
A sailor need to know the wind direction to manage to capture it properly, acting on the sails position and acting on the steer, to direct the hull (in the right point of sail).

Check the direction of the wind first

Four easy ways to check the direction of the wind while steering your sailboat:

1) Look around and see clues to the wind’s direction: look at surrounding flags, smoke, moving clouds or meteorological weather stations nearby.
2) Look at the ripulse flow over the water surface. They are formed by the wind pushing the water and breaking its surface. The ripples flow in the direction of the wind.
3) Simply to feel the direction of the wind using your body, your face / head or just by wetting a finger and pointing it upwards (the side of the that feels "cool" is approximately the direction from which the wind is blowing).
4) Look for sailboats, how they set the sails or, if moored, look at the top of their masts: in which direction is the narrow side of their Windex wheather vanes pointing?
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