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Talking about RC Boats, we may think about various kinds of boats with remote control (or someone called radio control). There are RC Sailboat, RC yacht(or called RC Speedboat), RC Bait Boat and RC Fishing Boat.
Is there any other kinds of RC boats? If you know, welcome to make a comment and remind to mention us.


RC Sailboat Manufacturers

A RC Sailboat is a kind of remote control model sailboat similar to Real sailboat, It can be regarded as a toy, but it is played by adult people, not by children. Players use remote control to adjust the boat sail according to the direction of the wind instantly. And make to RC sailboat to go forward with the help of the wind. It needs skilled techniques to know the wind direction and control the sail and as same as a real sailor (or called yachtsman or yachtswoman).
So to make a RC sailboat needs really very sophisticated workmanship like make a real sailboat. There are so many details and small components need to be noticed and made. Fortunately, Joysway Hobby has professional sailors help, They make the perfect scale RC sailboat like real sailboat.
In the RC sailboat, we knew that there are famous Dragon Force RC Sailboat Racing All over the world. There are famous Racing DF 65 model RC sailboat, and DF95 RC sailboat. Their requirements are very strict. Joysway Hobby, as a professional RC sailboat manufacturer, produces many Racing  grade DF 65 RC sailboat and RC 95 sailboat. Joysyway welcome distributors of RC sailboat worldwide to be our partners.


RC Speedboat Manufacturer

Except RC sailboat, RC speedboat is also a very popular kind of RC boat. Unlike sailboat, RC speedboat is a remote control model yacht. It can run very fast speed, from 20Km/hour to 80 Km/hour. Some evey can reach 100Km/hour. It could bring the players very extreme fun of high speed running on the water.
Joysway Hobby also manufacture the RC speedboat of various kinds and sizes. If you are look for a RC speedboat manufacturer, Joysway hobby is your best choice.


RC Bait Boat and RC Fishing Boat Manufacturer

RC Bait Boat and RC Fishing Boat, These are new rc boat categories popular in these years. Their function is to help fishing people to have better fishing experience and catch more fishes.
RC Bait boat, as it name means, is use to help fishing man to release to bait into the fishing area, like in a lake, pond, river or in the sea.
RC Fishing boat has more functions, it not only can release the bait, it also help catch the fishes by the boat itself.
Joysway Hobby, Expand its RC hobby lines and increase RC bait bait and RC fishing boat manufacturing. We also welcome customers in the fishing tackle business can be our RC boat distributor all over the world.
Joysway as RC boat manufacturer, can manufacture and supply RC boat in bulk quantity and can do OEM manufacturing for customers.